Bears, Beards and Bacon — Scottish Game Jam 2013

Sorry, I will not be talking about bacon, but now I have your attention! Game jams are something I always wanted to do, but made silly »

Honours Project — Proposal Presentation

Just recently I finished one of the first steps for the project - the presentation. I gave a talk, really just giving a very high level »

Fun with Catmull-Rom splines using GNUplot and Ruby

So recently we were studying all kinds of curves: starting with Bézier, then looking at Catmull-Rom and B-splines. One of the assignments we had was to »

Sharply drawn lines

Just recently while writing a game in XNA I really needed a simple way to draw lines for debugging. However, after some searching nothing really looked »

Quick and dirty sprite glueing

During the development of one of my small games for a coursework, Guilds and Dragons, I was really trying to create that nice isometric, slightly pixelated »

Game wallpapers — Kairo

Recently I got a demo of Kairo — a rather minimalistic puzzle adventure. Haven't spent much time in it just yet, but one thing that was very »

Pushing a UIViewController from a modal view

The problem While working on an iOS project last summer, I stumbled upon a very strange problem. Something that should have been very trivial in iOS »